Lonavala (Hill Station) : Some Interesting Facts



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Lonavala is one of the best hill stations, it is surrounded by beautiful nature, like waterfalls, green mountains, valleys, historical caves, wonderful food, and best for tourism.

A waterfall on the way to Lonavala, Maharashtra


Let us know some interesting facts about Lonavala

Lonavala name came from the fact that it is surrounded by caves (Lenis) around.

It is said that Lonavla was part of the King Yadava dynasty, then the Moguls had their Empire after the Mughals Lonavala was discovered by Lord Elphinstone, a British officer.

Lonavala has a population of 57,698, as of 2011 India census. It had Males constituted 53.47% of the population and females 46.53%.


Lonavala is known for

Lonavala is popular for tourism, delicious Chikki, and Fudge, Sunil’s Wax  Museum, Della Adventure, religious places, great tracking experience, Boating, paragliding.


Best places to visit in Lonavala

In this post, we have made a list to visit in Lonavala, let’s check it.

  1. Musem
  2. Wax Museum
  3. Dinosaur Museum
  4. Sunset Point
  5. Lions Point
  6. Bacha Point
  7. Khevaldham
  8. Bhushi dam
  9. Lonavala lake
  10. Helipad
  11. Karla lenis
  12. Bhaja
  13. Camping
  14. Boating
  15. Khandala Lake
  16. Amrutanjan point
  17. Patan baba
  18. Daklan (tata power)
  19. Vimal
  20. Nort point
  21. Rajmachi Fort
  22. Ryewood Park & Shivaji Udyan
  23. Valvan Dam
  24. Della Adventure Park
  25. Duke’s Nose
  26. Tiger’s Leap
  27. Lohagad Fort
  28. Visapur Fort
  29. Tungarli Dam
  30. Shooting Point
  31. Seven villas
  32. INS Shivaji
  33. Aamby valley
  34. Sahara city
  35. Cloud 9


Which is the best time to visit Lonavala?

As Lonavala is a hill station, it is a popular choice for families because of so many tourist points and wonderful natural beauty, one can never get bored visiting here. People visit Lonavala to relieve stress as the surrounding nature of Lonavala is well known as the nature of peace.

The best time to visit Lonavala is in the monsoon, it is the time that signifies the beauty of nature with the fog covered the mountain region and greenery. you can feel the fresh air, all the waterfalls loaded with water, birds singing sweet songs, enjoying the rain with (Sweet cons, Maggi, hot tea), can do boating as well.


In Summer season

Visiting Lonavala in the Summer season is also a good idea, as you can visit all the tourist points. You may not get a chance to visit in the monsoon season due to traffic and also sometimes weather problems. You can enjoy the places with yummy ice candy, varieties of juices.

Visiting Lonavala in the summer season allows staying back at points in the evening seeing the amazing sunset, with loud music and snacks.


In Winter season

During this season if you visit Lonavala you will get the coldest experiences, as the 31st comes in the winter season, the people celebrate and do parties, they visit points makes bonfire, play music, and dance.

You can have fun with corn bhaji, tea, soups. people can also do camping, there are few places which should be visited in the winter season only.

If you want to enjoy the Lonavala to the fullest and want to explore every small thing, then you can stay overnights as you can get the best hotels and resorts in Lonavala and nearby it or can stay as long you want.

Lonavala is often seen busy on weekends, holidays, and the rainy season.


Why is Lonavala famous?

Lonavala is famous as a hill station, it has the oldest caves, it is known for Lions Point, Bhushi Dam, the points also have many fun activities, Lonavala Chikki, most of the famous personalities has their farmhouse or bungalows in Lonavala, which makes it more popular.

You can get to see different types of species of birds. The rarest bird-like kingfishers can be seen.