Bhushi Dam Lonavala – Things You Want To Know (Detailed)


Bhushi Dam is located in Lonavala, Maharastra. It is 3 Km away from Lonavala Railway Station. Mostly People Love to visit Bhushi Dam in the Rainy season. In this post, you will get to know things that you have never heard before.

Bhushi Dam

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How to Visit Bhushi Dam?

The best time to visit Bhushi Dam is Monsoon. The question is how to visit Bhushi Dam?

From Lonavala Station, you can visit Bhushi Dam by Cabs, Auto Rickshaw, or Bike ( which is available on rent). The Fair for Cabs is around 300 INR, whereas auto rickshaw charges are 200 INR, and Bike rent is 100rs per hour. It is 20 Min away from Lonavala station ( depend on Traffic).


Bhushi Dam Timmings?

Bhushi Dam Timings: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Sometimes the water level is high that time the Bhushi Dam is closed. If you find Bhushi Dam Close don’t be disappointed, as there are many places to visit in Lonavala. Such as Lions Point, Khandala Sunset Point, Khandala Bacha Point, Tungarli Dam, Etc. 


What things to take care of while visiting Bhushi Dam?

The things to take care of while visiting Bhushi Dam is as follow,

Avoid Visiting Bhushi Dam on weekends, as the traffic on weekends can take 02 – 03 Hours to visit Bhushi Dam.

As the Bhushi Dam is Located on Upper Side you have to park your Vehicle down in the Parking area, as the local people run the parking business, they will harm your vehicle if you have park the Vehicle on the Road Side.

As you have to climb around 1 km from the parking area, you should wear grip shoes as the way is too slippery.

Try to carry snacks or water, as the prices is too high in the stall near Bhushi Dam.

As an ongoing, the pandemic wear a double mask as the place is crowded. As in Lockdown, the Bhushi Dam will remain close.

If you are planning to take hold near Bhushi Dam then book the Hotel, Restaurant, or Lodge in advance, as the fair of Room is cheaper before.



Bhushi Dam Hotels

There are many hotels and resorts located near Bhushi Dam. Where you can enjoy your time in the peace of nature. Try to book the Hotels, Restaurant, or Lodge In advance, or Online. As they Charge more from the walk-in customer.


What to eat at Bhushi Dam?

When it comes to Food, we always take care to eat delicious food. Now the question is that what to eat at Bhushi Dam. There are many restaurants, hotels are located near Bhushi Dam. Which have multi-cuisine food, South Indian Food, Vegetarian or Non – Vegetarian Food.

If you want to enjoy the local stall food, then you could get Maggi, Vada Pav, Onion Bhaji, etc. As I am a Local person I enjoyed street food like Vadapav, Maggi, Tea, Onion Bhaji. To be frank, I have never visited any of the restaurants or hotels near Bhushi Dam.


Bhushi Dam Lonavala History

As a source of water for their steam engines, the dam was built in late 1860 for the Great Indian Peninsular Railway. It is owned by the Central Railway zone of the Indian Railways, as of 2014, the successor to the Great Indian Peninsular Railway.

As the dam had been built using Municipal funding, the Railway company supply water to the town of Lonavala [1].



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