Tips to Protect Hair From the Sun 


It is not just the sun, that damages your hair but other factors that can affect it. The primary problem with sunny days and the sun is that it is extra drying. It eventually makes the hair prone to split ends and also makes them frizzy. Sunburn on the scalp can cause the roots to damage. The heat from the summer sun can turn your hair lifeless and limp. Sweat, Sand, and dust can lead to dandruff. All of this happens because of the high humidity in the atmosphere. However, with a bit of time and care you can protect your hair from the sun.


Sun Hair Care Tips

1. Trim Your Hair

Trim Your Hair

During summer the hair tends to get split ends and frizzy. Summer is the ideal time to give yourself a new haircut. Getting a regular trim ensures that your hair is in good condition because of which there is less risk of split ends. Triming can make your hair healthier. If you do not like short hair then you can just trim the split ends to bring back life to your hair.


2. Consider an Overnight Treatment

Consider an Overnight Treatment

During the summer months hair treatments that are left in overnight can be particularly useful. Providing your hair with deep conditioning can really help to keep your hair lively and moisture-rich. For this, you don’t have to buy an expensive treatment. You can make use of a leave-in conditioner. Apply the product to the roots, and then secure your hair in a towel overnight. You can also use a silk pillowcase. As it will help with hair breakage and wake up with tamed frizz and hydrated hair.


3. Wear a Hat

Wear a Hat

Whenever you step out of the house make sure to wear a hat or scarf. As it is one of the best natural ways to protect hair from the sun. An extra layer of protection prevents your hair from coming in direct contact with harsh UV rays. It offers extra protection from the sun. Selecting a stylish wide-brimmed hat is good for your hair and your skin.


4. Limit Extra Heat

Limit Extra Heat

Limit the amount of additional heat exposure. During summer your hair is already being exposed to the sun’s rays, it actually does not need more heat from blow drying or straighteners. And if you want to use them then make sure to keep them at a low temperature. You can also use a serum to protect your hair. After washing the hair let it dry naturally.


5. Avoid Brushing

Avoid Brushing

When you come home from a sunny day you may feel to brush your hair. I personally recommend that instead of brushing make use of a wide-tooth comb. As it will prevent your hair from breakage. Use your fingers to separate knots where necessary. Go slowly and gently as you should be able to minimize breakage.


6. Avoid too Many Cosmetics

Avoid Too Many Cosmetics

During summer due to the sun, your hair already tends to dry and also cause damage. Because of this reason, you should make sure to go easy on any chemical hair treatments. According to studies colored hair can show significant changes from the effects of heat. So avoid too much coloring. If you want to color your hair then try organic ingredients to color your locks and also keep gaps.