How to Make Your Hair Smell Good in Summer 


A good hair day is not complete without hair that smells good. During summer hair smells un present which can be due to infrequent hair washing. The rise in humidity makes you sweat more which results in a breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria on the scalp. For that frequent hair washing becomes kind of necessary. But washing your hair every single day is not good as it can damage your tresses in the long run. Here are five simple tips to keep your hair smelling great in between washes throughout the summer.


1. Clean pillowcases

Clean pillowcases

When you sleep the oils from your scalp rub off and collect on the pillowcases. The longer you don’t wash your hair the more your bed sheets and pillow accessories get dirty. Even if you wash your hair and do not change your bedsheets and pillowcases there are many chances for germs to get transferred to your hair, making it smell. You should change and use clean bedsheets and pillowcases regularly. A silk pillowcase is also a good option as it is gentle on your hair and prevents tangles and breakage of hair.


2. Washing your hair

Washing your hair

To keep the hair odour free you have to clean your hair properly. In summer gets collected on the scalp and produces a stale stench in your hair. Because of the weather, you might experience smelly hair, even the dirt and pollutants can make your hair smell worse. Washing and cleaning your hair removes the dirty substances that cause an unpleasant odor in your hair. Make sure to wash your hair at least two to three times a week during the summer. When you message the shampoo on your scalp it helps in cleansing the oily roots and moisturizing the ends. You can use a gentle, subtly scented shampoo so that your hair smells fresh until your next wash.


3. Rose water

Rose water

Have you ever tried to spray some rose water on your hair while showering? You can try this amazing trick to make your hair smell good. Rose water removes the smell of natural oil and sweat and smells like fresh flowers and petals. This makes your hair smell good also moisturizes and hydrates your hair at the same time. Apply some rose water directly to your hair after you wash your hair and it will smell great when it dries.


4. Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo can be a good option, as washing your hair every day is not an option. You have to keep your hair fresh in-between washes for that you need to find a way. As dry shampoos can be a perfect option for the same. Dry shampoo soaks up the excess oils and prevents sweat and oil build-up, as a result, keeping those annoying odor-causing bacteria away. The best part of the dry shampoo is that you don’t have to wet your hair and go through an entire washing routine.


5. Leave-in conditioner

Leave-in conditioner

Leave-in conditioners are such a great invention that makes your hair absolutely soft and also makes them smell like it is freshly shampooed. As layering fragrant products can improve your hair’s scent. Sleeping with a leave-in conditioner will leave your strands smelling fresh all day. Leave-in conditioners are a great treatment for frizzy hair.