Top 5 Jobs You Can Get With a Business Degree


1. Accountant


Accountants aren’t just the people who do your taxes. They can also prepare, analyze, and maintain financial records for businesses or individuals; advise businesses on cost reductions or other financial decisions; and manage money going in and out of a company. Accountants can work for an accounting firm that has outside clients or at any type of organization in any industry. Accountants have to have knowledge of financial and accounting practices, and a strong eye for detail, problem-solving abilities.


2. Financial analyst

Financial analyst

Financial analysts provide guidance to businesses and individuals on investment and budget decisions, analyze the performance of investments or different parts of a company, and evaluate financial data. Financial analysts often work for financial institutions like banks and investment firms to evaluate outside companies, individuals, or investments. Or you might become a corporate financial analyst and work in-house to analyze the finances of a single company.


3. Human resources specialist

Human resources specialist

Human resource specialists work with the human aspect of a business. Depending on where they work and the size of the HR team or people department, HR specialists might handle recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding new employees. Every business and organization in every industry needs some sort of HR. Human resources specialists need strong communication and interpersonal skills, analysis, and presentation abilities.


4. Marketing manager

Marketing manager

Marketing managers plan and execute promotional campaigns for a company, its products, or its services. They also conduct market research and analyze ongoing and past campaigns. Marketing managers may be generalists or they might be specialists who focus on one area of marketing such as social media, email, search engine optimization, and marketing, e-commerce, or events. Marketing managers can work in any industry for almost any type of organization or company.


5. Project manager

Project manager

Project managers plan, organize, coordinate, and oversee the completion of initiatives at almost every type of company. Project managers need to be able to communicate with and coordinate cross-functional teams while keeping stakeholders informed, so you will want strong interpersonal and communication skills. They also ensure resource availability and allocation and try to deliver every project on time within budget and scope.