The Importance of the Color Pink in Latin American Architecture and Design


1. The Relevance of Pink Throughout Design

The Relevance of Pink Throughout Design

From rosa mexicano, a color used throughout Mexican crafts and homes, to the work of architect Luis Barragan pink plays a pivotal role to establish a memorable built environment throughout the region. The color’s significance in Latin American architecture and textiles was very beautiful and it is loved by everyone. In architecture, pink still gives a good contrast it brings a lot of profoundness to the atmosphere.


2. Pink in the Victorian Era

Pink in the Victorian Era

The ornate detailing of Victorian-era architecture lent itself to more vivid color palettes, including
those that featured inspiring shades of the color pink. A wider array of colors helped the
numerous decorative elements of this architectural style. Pink was considered to be a great color for every woman in the Victorian Era. Victorian ladies were advised that a pink evening dress was more elegant when worn with flowers.


3. Pink in Morocco

Pink in Morocco

The city of Marrakesh, Morocco is known for its pink-tinted walls, made this way as a result of
the red earth used to construct the city. The city’s trademark color imparts its impact worldwide,
embraced by those trying to channel the city’s unique spirit thousands of miles away. Often referred to as the ochre or rose city for its overwhelming palette of dusty pink and terracotta red walls. Here you will see the pink color like it is a sky.


4. Pink in the Mid Century

Pink in the Mid Century

First Lady Mamie Eisenhower sparked pink’s prevalence in the middle part of the 20th century. Her trademark pastel hue spawned countless pink bathrooms and kitchens in the post-war housing boom. While more vibrant pink tones often don the doors of mid-century modern homes today. This was the color that was loved by everyone in the mid-century. The pink color gave the feeling of richness.


5. Pink Stone and Facades

Pink Stone and Facades

History gives us some notable examples of pink mineral architecture. A good example is the medieval old town of Toulouse (marble), or several colonial cities in Latin America. Art Deco, a style of French origin generated in the period (1920-1940), had its peak in Europe and the United States. As an architectural and decorative style, it emphasized the decorative form over the structure. One of its characteristics was the intense use of geometric figures and the taste for exuberant and striking colors.