The 5 Best Paying Degrees in the World


The higher your level of education the higher your future earnings. Not necessarily. A Master’s degree in one field can land a college graduate significantly more than a Master’s degree in another. Choosing a major that interests you and has a high demand will win you higher future earnings. Which fields of study have the highest earnings potential in the world?


5. Economics

An economics major is a degree option that examines questions related to resource allocation, incentives, and wealth, among others. Economics is relevant to graduate and professional study in fields like business management, law, and public affairs, as well as undergraduate degrees that are useful for many career paths.


4. Physics

With engineering careers taking the top spots as the most desired college degrees to earn, it only makes sense for physics majors to also find many career opportunities in these same areas after graduation.


3. Statistics

With estimated job growth of 27 percent over the next 10 years, both private and government employers need your skills as a statistician. With your Bachelor’s degree in mathematics or statistics, your future looks financially secure.

Statisticians earn an average salary of $54,900 at the entry level. By mid-career, you can look forward to making a salary of approximately $103,100. Government employers tend to pay more than private employers but this could change as more private industry’s need for statisticians expands. Managers must look at the world’s economy, not just local economies, to stay competitive in today’s marketplaces.


2. Computer Science

Working for companies like Google or the SAS Institute may not seem possible even with an excellent GPA and a Bachelor’s degree in computer science. You impress the recruiters from these top information technology companies by putting in some extra work.

Internships and courses that challenge your presentation skills put your name higher on a recruiter’s list. Take extra classes in coding so you become an expert in the field. These talents will help you find a job with an entry-level salary of $56,500.


1. Computer and Information Systems Manager

Companies want people who can keep up with changes in technology and implement these changes so their company stays competitive. To work with a Fortune 500 company, you will need a Bachelor’s degree in fields related to communications or computer science. Experienced IT managers make $120,000 a year and you can earn more with an M.B.A.  At the entry-level, you can expect an annual salary of $76,420.

IT managers work in all industries and the demand will grow by an estimated 17 percent through 2022. You will need work experience to qualify for most IT management positions. Working in the field of information security will give you the experience needed for an IT security manager.