How to spend the day in Houston’s hip Montrose neighborhood


The people who live here call it a small town within H-Town that has always attracted individuals who are creative, social, and cherish diversity. While the area has changed significantly in recent years, Montrose still teems with artists, musicians, community organizations, free-admission art galleries, and streets lined with leafy trees.


1. Montrose art-spotting, in galleries and outdoors

Montrose art-spotting, in galleries and outdoors

There is a museum that focuses on all facets of early-day pioneer life and includes an authentic homesteader’s cabin, a large collection of farm machinery and equipment, a caboose, and a rare original stagecoach. The museum’s motto is preservation, heritage, and authenticity. You can also spend time touring art outdoors across Montrose. Vibrant murals depict subjects ranging from community pride to famous cartoon characters.


2. Montrose Parks are prized and protected by residents

Montrose Parks are prized and protected by residents

Making time for the outdoors is part of the Montrose lifestyle. In Menil Park, the space offers 30 acres of greenery, trails, shady oaks, and a tree swing. Other Montrose parks beloved for their unique features include Ervan Chew Dog Park Mandell Park with its community and teaching gardens, Shiffick Park, and Cherryhurst Park.


3. Montrose entertainment

Montrose entertainment

Montrose residents like soul-stirring drama, which explains why Stages opened The Gordy, an impressive three-theater venue in Montrose. They also dig discos and drag shows, a wild side of the neighborhood you can easily check out at South Beach nightclub, which now boasts a state-of-the-art combination of sound and laser systems to keep you dancing. AvantGarden based in a historic house, is a patio, bar, and lounge presenting attractions to suit nearly every mood and taste.


4. Where to shop in Montrose: From luxury boutiques to thrift stores

Where to shop in Montrose: From luxury boutiques to thrift stores

If you are hunting for treasures around Houston, Montrose offers some of the best shopping in the city. It’s a thrifter’s paradise, with Westheimer Road haunts that include Leopard Lounge (clothing from the 1920s to the early 2000s for mashing up any look you want), and Lo-Fi (rock T-shirts, hot studded jeans). The Montrose neighborhood is home to several of the cutest and most well-stocked boutiques, vintage clothing shops, and design galleries.


5. Montrose restaurants

Montrose restaurants

The neighborhood’s charming streets, filled with adorable bungalows, art galleries, and vintage stores boast some of the best dining options in the city. Endless options of restaurants representing a wide spectrum of cuisines make it one of the most diverse and delicious areas in Houston. If the atmosphere is the most important part of your dining experience, Montrose has a few spots that you will score highly. If you have ever wanted to dine inside a charming greenhouse, head to Ostia’s patio.